Talent is equally distributed. Opportunity is not.

Back talent bent on breaking generational poverty.

An investor in human potential 

We're an impact investing fund that offers African Americans the opportunity to break generational poverty and build sustainable wealth through "equity-like" income sharing agreements.

Hi, we're Manilla Fund
Manilla Fund's the best place to invest in human equity

Benefits of donating to Manilla

Make an impact

Talent is evenly distributed. Opportunity is not. Donating to Manilla helps high-potential African Americans escape poverty who might not have been able to otherwise.

Though we seek market-rate financial returns, Manilla Fund is structured as a non-profit, which permits us to emphasize fidelity to our social mission alongside our financial mandate.

Capital reinevestment

Invest in human potential and diversify your portfolio beyond traditional investments like stocks.

Diversify your portfolio
Getting started is easy

Here's how it works

Sign up to invest

To get started, sign up for donor access. Once approved, we'll send you a link to the data room.

View the fund documents

We'll give you access to a donor prospectus, financial models, and a deck.

Make an investment

Major donors can get started with as little as $1,000.  Others can support immediately here.

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