Being poor is expensive. Getting out shouldn't be.

Apply for up to $10,000 in interest-free funding. No credit score, cosigner, or collateral required.

Hi, we're Manilla Fund

An investor in human potential 

We're an impact investing fund that offers African Americans the opportunity to break generational poverty and build sustainable wealth through "equity-like" income sharing agreements.

Big heart. Bold vision.

We're not your typical investors

No credit score? No problem.

Talent is evenly distributed. Opportunity is not. Donating to Manilla helps high-potential African Americans take chances who might not have been able to otherwise.

0% interest. For real.

Manilla’s Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs) have no interest and no balance due. The amount you pay back may even be less than you borrowed!

Income-based payments

With Manilla, there’s no balance due. Payments are a percentage of your income. And if you’re earning less than $30,000, your payments drop to $0.

Unique terms. Designed for you.

Our terms are unique to you and based on your future earning potential. That means payments are designed to always be affordable and we have a shared interest in your success.

Finally someone who believes in you

Here's how it works

Tell us about yourself

Instead of a traditional credit score, we evaluate your profile, using data like your employment industry and strength of financial plan.

If your application is approved, we'll offer you terms, and if you accept, we'll send the money directly to your bank account.

Make your plan. Execute it.

You'll start making payments six months after you receive the distribution and get a job making over $30,000. Payments are entirely income based, and designed to always be affordable.

Excel. Change your family's story.
Manilla's the best place to invest in human potential

Built by us, for us

We think poor people deserve better

Talent is evenly distributed. Opportunity is not. Donating to Manilla helps high-potential African Americans escape poverty who might not've been able to otherwise.

Our platform is secure and compliant

We spent months working with our legal team to ensure we’re compliant, and we’ve partnered with an industry-leading payment processor and bank to facilitate our transactions securely.

We invest donor capital

Because we are structured as a non-profit, we can reinvest the returns from our investments for perpetual impact.

Status quo

The racial wealth gap is getting worse


is the projected year in which median African American wealth may fall to zero


of African Americans have zero or "negative" net worth


average African American poverty rate compared to national average

And yes, we're legit

How we work

Discover the most promising people

We look for games changers - people who change the world. We analyze personal and traction data to identify their growth rate.

Income Sharing Agreements

We handle all of the legal and compliance work. We use industry insights and expert's experience to estimate and forecast the value of the individual investment throughout short and long terms.

Due diligence

Before making a new investment we have an investigation process with individuals that includes reviewing personal history, financial plan and character.

Mentorship and Partnerships

We help talent to build their network with top professionals in their field and work with area nonprofits to find additional resources, workshops, and assistance.

Become an investor

Invest in people you believe in.

Let's talk ISAs

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